Posting your home on the 
Coasties on the Move website is SIMPLE

Posting Requirements:
  • Location [city & state / closest CG station]
  • Price [Rental and/or Sale]
  • Highlights of the home
  • Maximum of 4 photos and/or one You Tube Video
  • Contact Information [No USCG emails]
  • All FREE postings will expire after four months unless COTM is notified.  All PAID postings will expire after 6 months.

  • All military members and their spouses that are Active Duty, Retired, or Reservists may post THEIR home for FREE.
  • Non-military members that would like to post their homes on the website may post for a one time fee of $25 for a 6 month period or $35 for a 6 month period plus a posting on the EXCLUSIVE COTM Facebook page that is only for active duty CG members.  
  • If anyone [military or non-military] would like to add more photos than the 4 that are allowed to their posting, you may post up to 15 photos for a one time 
        fee of $12.50.
  • If anyone would like to highlight their home on the HOME PAGE with a 15 picture image scroller for a one month period, you may do so for a fee of $20.00.  A maximum of 6 homes will be highlighted per month.
  • Ultimate Home Posting Package: Indefinite Home Posting with 15 photos or a picture scroller WITH Highlighting on the Home Page and their District Page for two months -- $40.00 [only 6 homes are allowed at one time; there may be a delay and you will be put on a waitlist]

  • All required fees can be paid via Venmo or Paypal and are required prior to your home being posted, additional pictures being added, or Home Highlight being added to the home page.  After your payment is made [see below], please email COTM with all your home information [as stated above].  You will then be contacted within 3 business days for any further information that is needed for your posting.

Advertising on this website:
  • Do you have a  business or service that you'd like to advertise to Coasties across the country?  POST IT ON COTM!!!  Email COTM for more information or to start advertising today!​

Coasties ​Consignments: 

COTM Job Referral Network: 
  • Do you know of a great job opportunity for a Coastie spouse or family member?  Are you sad to be leaving a great job in a CG district but want to share it with Coasties moving to the area?  Check out the COTM Job Referral Network page on Facebook today!  

Click the CG Emblem or email link below to contact Coasties on the Move if you would like to post your home, update your home's status, or if you have any further  questions about posting a home.

Provide the required elements listed at the top of the page and any photos you'd like posted, 
as well as your current military status.

Photos must be attached separately to the email and not in a flyer format or via a photo website.  

(If the emblem doesn't work, just email COTM with your info.)
Please Read and Understand the following Disclosures.  If you have any questions, please contact Coasties on the Move 
at  Thanks!

Disclosure #1: Let it be know that the homes posted on this site fall under various listing statuses -- For Sale by Owner, Rentals by Owner, MLS listed with an agent, Rentals listed with an agent.  None of these homes are "listed" by Coasties on the Move; they are just simply posted to supply home information. All who post and respond to a post on this site understand that certain homes are listed with a real estate agent and thus they may not be able to be sold as "For sale by Owner".  There may be agent fees involved and these fees/contracts with agents must be upheld.  

Disclosure #2: This is NOT an Official U.S. Coast Guard Web Site.The Coast Guard is NOT liable for any of the content posted on this web site. Any U.S. Coast Guard information posted on this web site was obtained through non-sensitive material and has been cleared for distribution.  Content posted by the Coasties on the Move shall  be considered in good faith.  If content is found to be misleading or incorrect, it will be removed and a correction posted upon discovery.   Search this website at your own discretion.

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