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Coastie Uniform Exchange
Do you have extra uniform pieces laying around the house taking up precious storage or drawer space?  

Do you have uniforms that do not fit anymore?  

Have you retired and need some where to donate old uniforms or parts?  

Do you need to borrow a specific item for a particular event?  

Here is the place to do it!!!
Donate, Sell, Buy, or Borrow CG Uniform Exchange: 
Fill in the form below to get started:

1.  I have/need items to: 

2. Describe such items [type, #, new or used, sizes] and include purchase prices for items that are being sold: 

3. Best Contact information: 
4.  I give permission to COTM to post my belongings on the COTM website for the purpose of selling or donating my new or used military uniform items.  I understand that COTM does not guarantee any results and that I am required to process the sale or donation including shipping, etc with the purchaser.  COTM is not responsible for any transactions -- only the item posting.  I am willing to pay the posting fee if my item(s) sell or are rented via the COTM website.
5.  PRESS Submit to send the above information to COTM for posting.  
You will be contacted by COTM to confirm the information submitted and to seek any additional info needed prior to posting your items.  
Coastie Uniform Exchange Rules:

  • Fill out the form below and be as specific as possible in the description box.
  • Please specifiy if items are new or used and what condition they are in [like new, good, okay, or bad].
  • If an item you post sells or rents, there will be a posting fee of $1.00 for every $10.00 increment. Any items sold under $5.00 will be FREE.  You will receive a Paypal invoice via email after your transaction.  You may pay this invoice via Paypal, or by cash or check.
  • If an item is borrowed/rented, the item must be returned within 10 days of the event the item is used for.  The item must be returned in the same condition it was received or an entirely new item must be purchased by the renter for the owner within a 30 day period.  An agreement will be signed by both parties to protect the renter and owner. The person renting the item will pay for shipping both ways.  
  • All items donated will be up for grabs by first come -- first serve.  Shipping for such items will be the responsibility of the person seeking the donated items.  
  • Buyers and Renters: Shipping will be added based on the amount of items and weight of the package.  
  • COTM does not guarantee any results. COTM is not responsible for any transactions -- only the item posting.  Sellers and buyers will be notified when there is a match made and then they must proceed with the transaction.