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Each month, COTM will personally introduce you to some of our amazing COTM Realtor Referrals.  

Check back in each month to meet someone new!!

COTM Realtor Referral Spotlight

1. When did you become a realtor? I have been a realtor in Traverse City, MI since 2014

2. Why did you become a realtor? It’s an industry I understand and knew I could improve upon. I wanted to take the home buying/selling process and make it easier, less stressful, and help clients feel pride in home ownership. Especially for active duty military and Veterans. They earned their benefits and they should know exactly how to get the most out of them. Not many Realtors know how to use these benefits but as a Veteran I do! And I have surrounded myself with a team of industry professionals that make home ownership a reality for many families. 

3. What is your favorite part of being a realtor? least favorite? When my clients thank me for helping them accomplish something they weren’t sure they could. When I hand them the keys and they have the most genuine smile that can be had! And when they give me a referral, biggest compliment ever... and I get lots of them!

4. Why did you join the COTM RR team? I had the pleasure of helping some Coastie families early on in my career here in Traverse City and by word of mouth I was helping more and more every year. And I love it! I moved a lot during my years in the Air Force and I really get how hard that is. So I work hard to make this process as simple and stress free as possible so they can concentrate on more important things. They see that, they appreciate that, we speak the same language. So it just made sense to join the COTM Team!

5. Share an experience since you have joined COTM. One of the more challenging moves are when the Coastie is coming from Alaska. It is really difficult for them to come here and search for a home. So we go out and video, take 360 degree footage, FaceTime... whatever it takes for them to get familiar enough with the home that they want to buy it sight unseen. We have done this quite a few times and I think we have the process down! But for them it was doing this entire process four times zones away while they work, care for their families, and doing everything required to complete the loan process. We email a lot, schedule calls, anything we can to keep up communication but its hard when I can’t make eye contact and let them know its ok, this is normal! Just keep the reassured... that’s is harder from so far away. In the end they got a fabulous home and will be moving here soon! I have had buying a home described to me this way, its like having a baby... giving birth is painful but once its over it is all worth it. Home is home, most of us only have one... for this Coastie family it is their first one... very special.

6&7. Tell us a little about you and your family.  
What do you enjoy doing when you have free time?
I am all about my family!! My wife and I are both Realtors and take every chance we can to enjoy everything this area has to offer. From kayaking to fishing to a lazy day on the beach, we LIVE the Lake Life! And with our first grandson arriving this year we can’t wait to share Lake Life with him as well. 
In my free time I volunteer at Reigning Liberty Ranch which is a non-profit organization that helps Veterans with PTSD and TBI receive equine therapy (among other services). It’s a safe place for Veterans and their families and it is a place that means a lot to me and my family. 

8. Your Motto in life? To be honest and sincere. Integrity is important to me and the values that come from serving your country never left me. I live them every day.

9. Share anything else you feel the Coastie Community would like to hear or know. My relationship with my clients does not end at the closing table. I have Coasties calling me to ask questions Or help them with issues long after. And I have several of them which I call friends, that is the best part!

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