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Scott Merryman
District 8 / Houston & Galveston, Tx
(409)789-0049  /

COTM Realtor Referral Spotlight

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A Little Q&A with Scott...

When did you become a realtor?  Why did you become a realtor? 
I earned my license as a Real Estate agent in April 2005 while still on Active duty with the Coast Guard stations at MSU Galveston. I was planning on retiring in the near future and I did have job offers in the Marine Industry but I wanted to try a second career that was different from what I had bee doing for the prior 21 years. So the end of June 2006 I retired from the Coast Guard and became a full time Real Estate agent. 

What is your favorite part of being a realtor? least favorite? 
I must admit it was the best decision that I could have made but the first 5 years I was doubting my decision. It was a tremendous amount of work, there was a lot to learn and I was spending more time working than when I was in the Coast Guard. I thought " what have I done?" But every time that I helped someone purchase or sell a home and facilitated a smooth transaction I got an immense sense of fulfillment. Especially if the Buyer was a first time home buyer, since I know how terrifying buying a first home can be OR a fellow Coastie since the stress of either having to locate a suitable home from afar or selling your existing home within a compressed timeline and often needing some creative negotiations to ensure that the Coast Member would not be with out a home during the transfer.

Why did you join the COTM RR team? 
So now after be a Real Estate agent for over 16 years I have a pretty good handle on the processes involved with buying or selling a home in Texas using either conventional, FHA or VA financing. I enjoy being a member of the COTM community and would be more than happy to answer any questions about the buying or selling process without any obligation. I really do just want to help!

17000 El Camino Real Ste 107, Houston, TX 77058  
Phone: (409) 789-0049  
Fax: (281) 282-0945