2018 COTM Coastie Appreciation Raffle 
I have posted a home on the COTM website in 2018: 
Check all the BOXES that apply to you:
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Starting in March!  

Sponsored by your COTM Realtor Referral Team

Prizes Include cash and gift cards from $20 -- $50!!! 

Starting in January, Coasties will receive ONE raffle ticket for posting a home on COTM, TWO raffle tickets if you buy, sell, rent, or rent out a home on COTM, 
and/or FIVE raffle tickets for using a COTM realtor referral.  

If you have done any of the above since January 1st, 2018, Fill in the form below. Register now!

Your Raffle tickets will stay valid each month until you WIN!  

All winners will be chosen and notified on the last Wednesday of each month! 
COTM Realtor Referral Sponsor of the Month

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate ~ Galveston County

Phone: 409-789-0049
Email: sdmerryman@yahoo.com
I have been where you are.  After 22 years in the Coast Guard, I know about transfers.  Let me help you with your home purchase or sale.  -- Scott
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I am an active duty Coastie or spouse
I have SOLD my home using the COTM website in 2018.
I have Rented out my home on the COTM website in 2018.
I have BOUGHT a home I found on the COTM website in 2018.
I have RENTED a home I found on the COTM website in 2018.
I contacted and use the services of a COTM realtor referral in 2018.
I used the Mortgage services of the COTM Referral Mortgage Company.